• Carbide Ball Product Introduction

    Carbide balls, commonly known as tungsten steel balls, refer to balls and balls made of cemented carbide. Carbide balls are ideally suitable for extremely harsh environments, and are extremely wear-resistant, impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Not easily deformed. Carbide balls are mainly...
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  • Carbide tool – the core component for realizing the function of the machine tool

    Carbide tools dominate due to their combination of hardness and toughness. According to the material classification of the blade, it is mainly divided into four types of tools: tool steel, cemented carbide, ceramics, and superhard materials. The material properties of the tool include hardness an...
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  • The use of cemented carbide wear parts

    With the development of modern industry, mechanical parts (such as agricultural machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, drilling machinery, etc.) often work under complex and harsh conditions, and a large number of mechanical equipment are often scrapped due to wear and tear. Theref...
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  • Cemented carbide rod demand rises

    In recent years, the output of domestic cemented carbide bars has been increasing, but with the continuous expansion of demand, the market is in short supply, and its quality inspection needs are also facing difficulties. At present, the inspection of cemented carbide bars in China generally ado...
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  • thread milling challenging aerospace materials

    1) For high stability and performance, choose a thread mill with a left-handed helical flute design, which requires a left-handed spindle. The combination of left-handed cutting geometry, entry hole and outside-in or top-to-bottom threading used in traditional milling cutting paths creates a very...
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  • Carbide products have increased prices by about 10%

    Recently, domestic cemented carbide bar companies have issued announcements one after another. As the cost of raw materials continues to rise, prices of cemented carbide bar products have been raised recently. It is reported that the increase this time is between 5-10%, depending on the cobalt co...
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  • Understanding Cemented Carbide

    Carbide is similar to concrete: Think of the carbide grains as the gravel and the cobalt as the cement that acts as a binder to hold the grains together. ​ The tungsten carbide grains are fused into a solid matrix of cobalt metals. The term “cemented carbide” derives from the f...
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  • How to choose carbide strips

    How to choose carbide strips

    Carbide strip is a kind of carbide in different shapes. It is named “glue alloy strip” because of its long strip. Also known as “Cemented Carbide Square Bar”, “Cemented Carbide Strip”, “Cemented Carbide Bar” and so on. Carbide strip is mainly used ...
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  • How to ensure quality in the customization of cemented carbide products

    Non-standard products of cemented carbide are a test of a company’s production capacity, especially products with relatively high tolerance requirements. Therefore, how to choose a reliable supplier is very important. Chengdu Tianheng Cemented Carbide Tools Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive ente...
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